1993 Project for new operating theaters and recovery room Civilian Hospitals of Brescia – co-author arch. Alberto Crescini. Finalist Project
1994 Interieur 94 International Competition Design for Europe – co-author arch. Mario Mento. Finalist Project
1998 National Design Competition for the new square in Trenzano (BS). Winning project
2000 National Design Competition for the new Centre of Contemporary Culture of Brescia. Winning Project
International Design Competition for the construction of the park Tarello in Brescia. Second place Project
Contract Design Competition for the allocation of building land included in the PRU S.POLO via Gatti and via Tiepolo with C. Botticini, M. Barani, M. Mento, J. Roig and I. Rubino. Project Finalist
2001 Internaional Design Competition for the Construction of the new European Library of Information and Culture – Architect in charge: Jo Coenen, the Netherlands. Second Place Project
International Design Competition of the Bocconi University, Milan – Architects in charge: Emmanuelle and Laurent Beaoudouin, France. Project Finalist
2003 International competition by invitation for the expansion of the Peace Palace at the Hague, Holland: academy, library, conference room and offices for the palace of International Justice. Finalist Project


1999 Group exhibition “Jericho: Young Italian Architects” – Biennale of Young Artists of the Mediterranean Europe – Rome (Selected)
2000 Group exhibition “20 +20 +20 Young Italiana Architects” – Italian Institute of Culture – Prague
Projection continuosly ” The Experimentation of the new” Venice Biennale, 7th International Architecture Exhibition – Venice
2002 Group Exhibition “50 +50 New Italian Architecture, comparison of two generations” Hous der Architecktur Graz
Group Exhibition “50 +50 New Italian Architecture, comparison of two generations” Italian Cultural Institute – Prague
Personal exhibition “the Crocera of San Luca” Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Brescia
2005 Group exhibition “Italy Laboratory, 2005” Festival of architecture of Parma – Chiesa of San Luigi – Parma
Group exhibition “Exhibition of the International Prize of Architecture Piranesi” Mestna Galerija Piran – Piran Slovenia
Group exhibition “Contemporary Architecture in Italy: Conflicts” Monumental Complex of Santa Sofia – Salerno
2006 Group exhibition “Workshop Italy Rome  2006”  – Clementine Hall Former Ex-Prison of San Michele  – Rome
Group exhibition “Gold Medal of the Italian Architecture” La Triennale di Milano – Palazzo della Triennale – Milan
2007 Group Exhibition “Gold Medal 06” Triennale Off Gallery Progettocontemporaneo – Venezia
2010 Group exhibition “Living in the Alps” – Merano
2011 Group exhibition “Wohn Raun Alpen” – Monaco